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Oct 27th


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Models of Success

One of the best possible advices someone told me many years ago was to surround ourselves of positive and successful people. I was told that we are the average of the 5 closest persons we have in our life. Before it was pretty hard to find people of success, let alone be their friends, but in today’s world it’s pretty easy to do it, we have books, ebooks, kindle and tablets to read them, audio books, videos, Skype, and all the power of the internet to serve us of this purpose. Even Facebook, Youtube and Twitter can be amazing tools of learning if you use them well.

There are no limits anymore, there are no excuses, today is another world, the barriers that once held our parents have no power over us today, and even then, there were amazing people who were able to do many amazing things by using the power of hard work and trying always to be the best.

Neil Gaiman – Make Good Art!

For those who don’t know who Neil Gaiman is, he is one of the most famous writers in the comic world. His greatest masterpiece was “The Sandman” where all the gods have been living together many adventures, there’s no fights in it; it’s more like a philosophical comic.

Neil Gaiman never graduated from college, but that didn’t stopped him from achieving success. He was asked to do the commencement speech at the University of Arts in this year (2012). Here’s one of the greatest advices I have ever heard in my life.


Zen Pencils Honors Neil

This was so great, that in the incoming week Gavin Than, Illustrator and Founder of Zen Pencils did a comic about it. I’ll leave the comic here, and I recommend you visit Zen Pencils, there are many masterpieces there.

Here’s the link to the comic if you want to see it.

2012 05 29 gaiman Make Good Art
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