5 Reasons Why Content Marketing is an Important Asset

5 Reasons Why Content Marketing is an Important Asset

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Familiar with content marketing? In case you’re not, let’s start by defining it. Content marketing is a form of web marketing in which a business produces and distributes fresh, original, relevant content to an audience. The goal is to produce inherently attractive content, the type which encourages return visits, helps convince visitors to act, looks good to search engine algorithms, …

Video Social Media

The Rise of Video in EVERYTHING

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When we started in 2012, we started selling Websites + Videos, those 2 where our only services and I have to admit that our videos were really, really simple, we sold them pretty cheap but that was our starting point. And even though our videos were really simple, they sold more. An study made by Conversion Rate Experts showed that …


Why you Need a Responsive Website

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Months ago Google implemented a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) rule, which puts websites who do not adapt to mobile devices (Responsive Designs) on the bottom of the searches. So if your website is not responsive, your customers won’t be able to find you in the first pages of Google, and that will make you lose a lot of money. In …