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The Rise of Video in EVERYTHING

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When we started in 2012, we started selling Websites + Videos, those 2 where our only services and I have to admit that our videos were really, really simple, we sold them pretty cheap but that was our starting point. And even though our videos were really simple, they sold more. An study made by Conversion Rate Experts showed that …


The Internet Wants Flash to Die

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Last month I wrote a post on how amazed I was that there’s still many websites who still haven’t changed to responsive technologies, well, what amazes me even more is to find customers who still have websites made with Flash, or animations in their websites made for Flash. Seriously, Flash? Everybody has been trying to kill this technology since the …


Why you Need a Responsive Website

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Months ago Google implemented a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) rule, which puts websites who do not adapt to mobile devices (Responsive Designs) on the bottom of the searches. So if your website is not responsive, your customers won’t be able to find you in the first pages of Google, and that will make you lose a lot of money. In …